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Welcome to the technical reference wiki for Duke Combat Robotics. If you want general information about the team, see our website.

Semester ant-weight build schedule

Students work in groups of 1-4 to build an ant-weight (1lb) combat robot, with an internal competition being held at the end of each semester. Students are strongly encouraged to keep to the following schedule to ensure they end up with a robot they can be proud of!

Week Fall dates Spring dates What to work on
late August - early September mid January (Pre-season: first ~3 weeks of classes)
1-2 mid September late January - early February Wiring harness, "scrap bot"
3-5 late September - mid October mid-late February Research and design of prototype bot. Figure out overall shape, how to attach motors, etc.

SendCutSend* order #1 happens at end of week 5

6-9 late October - early November March Fabricate and assemble full robot in detail, test it in the box, see what's bad, fix it, etc.

SendCutSend* order #2 happens at end of week 9

10-12 mid-late November early-mid April Do test skirmishes with your robot, refine as needed.
13 early December late April Competition! Typically the first Saturday or Sunday of undergrad reading period.

* SendCutSend is a commercial service that offers precision cutting of many materials, including AR500 armor plating steel, suitable for combat robot weapons.

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